Ground Photogrammetry experiment

We recently experimented with ground photogrammetry over an amazing erosion landform called Tafoni
Tafoni (singular: tafone) are small cave-like features found in granular rock such as sandstone, granite, and sandy-limestone with rounded entrances and smooth concave walls, often connected, adjacent, and/or networked. Explanations of their formation include salt weathering, differential cementation, structural variation in permeability, wetting-drying, and freezing-thawing cycles, variability in lithology, case hardening and core softening, and/or micro-climate changes and variation (that is, moisture availability). (Wikipedia)

The model was created using a handheld Sony RX100M5 camera, with no geoinformation. Pix4D Mapper software was able to perfectly reconstruct the area of interest with minimal user input


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